Since 1999 I have never had an instance where equipment I sent proved incorrect for a customer’s application and needed to be returned. I take the time to make sure that the equipment I send you is the correct equipment for your given application. This is one of the reasons I don’t send anything without personally talking to my customers to make sure they know exactly what they are getting and that it is correct for their needs. Equipment like this is not like returning a pair of shoes. Someone is going to feel it ($$) if a return is necessary. Of course, that does not include products damaged during transit or incorrect shipments on my end.

In the event a delivery has to be returned the customer is responsible for the ACTUAL freight out, freight back to the manufacturer, and is subject to a 30% restock fee if the equipment is returned in NEW condition. You can not return equipment that has been unboxed and attempted to be installed. That equipment is not considered NEW condition.

I’m happy to clarify as needed.

Tom Nicotera, cell 858-692-1532